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maffyew in z2kdev


I spent most of today playing around with the "feature complete" build of the Torque Game Builder (previously Torque 2D). I've still a long way to go on paper for Z2K before I can consider scripting anything substantial, but I really wanted to get my hands dirty and play around with the engine a bit to get a better idea of what it's capable of doing.

I'm in love with the particle effect engine in particular - it allows you to create so many neat effects in a very short time, using whatever image materials you have at hand.

After going through a bunch of tutorials involving flaming spaceship engines and explosions, I decided I'd try my hand at weather effects and implementing sounds in script. I took my existing main menu GUI that I'd created for Z2K and enhanced it somewhat. It still needs work, the snow's not quite falling how I want it to and I need to find a better sound effect, but I'm happy with the results so far.

Being that a screenshot won't actually show the full effect of falling snow, if you're up for a 2MB download you can check it out in real time in an actual build. It runs very well on my machine, but I haven't had a chance to test it out on a lower end system yet.

It's a Windows compile, but I can put a Mac OSX build together too if anyone's curious. It's self extracting, so you'll just need to specify a directory to install it to, then run z2k.exe and you'll be good to go. Provided I haven't stuffed up the build! (it works fine from my end, but there may be stuff that I have on here already that's required to run it that I've forgotten to include).

This post is a repost from my personal journal. You can find the original post and comments here: http://maffyew.livejournal.com/304124.html



March 2007

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