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maffyew in z2kdev


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A number of you have been asking me how The Game is coming along, and offering contributions of your own in everything from storyline writing to music creation. In retrospect, I've probably been a little standoffish or appeared disinterested when said offers have been made. This wasn't the intention, and I really owe some of you an explanation.

I've not really been in a position to accept help recently - one of my main concerns in starting any project is making sure it gets finished. I know from first hand experience that there's nothing worse than throwing yourself headfirst into helping someone else with their creation only to find the whole thing falls by the wayside weeks - or even months - later.

At the moment, if it falls by the wayside, the only person I've disappointed or let down is myself. If I give it a go and fail on my own, I'll have learned some valuable lessons and will come out with more knowledge than I started with. The moment I let someone else in on this project is the moment I have to start considering other people's emotional and time-based investments in it.

That terrifies me. I am in love with the ideas and basis behind this project, but I have doubts as to whether or not I have the skill set to carry through with it to completion.

I really want to do this. Honestly and truthfully.

I just can't promise you that anything will eventuate from it.

This year holds a number of important things I need to do. Get started on my career instead of just working in a job that pays the bills, obtain a mortgage on an apartment, and get Z2K well and truly rolling.

In order to achieve the third, I need to decide very shortly what sort of investment I'm going to make in it, and how much of that investment I'm willing to give up to invite others in. This is my baby, and I'm incredibly posessive of it - but by the same token, I understand that it's something I cannot do on my own.

I also would really, quite genuinely like to have a lot of you on board. I love the ideas I hear coming from you. I have a group of talented and creative friends whose abilities are often underestimated and seldom used because others don't recognise their potential. I enjoy working with others, and my best ideas come from being able to bounce thoughts off of other people.

I guess the short of this is that I'm interested in your help, despite what my body language or reactions might have lead you to believe.

I would like to have a gathering sometime in the near future, maybe over some drinks and food with a whiteboard, notepaper and several rolls of butcher's paper for a brainstorming session. To compare my ideal to yours.

I'll keep you posted.

This post is a repost from my personal journal. The original entry and comments can be found here: http://maffyew.livejournal.com/289961.html



March 2007

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